An Xbox Live Gold Membership for the Same Amount as One Xbox One Game

An Xbox Live Gold Membership for the Same Amount as One Xbox One Game

We’re here to help you feel better if you’re feeling any guilt about how much you like playing video games. Think of this if you ever feel a little guilty about how much time you spend on your Xbox One. It appears that playing video games is beneficial to your brain!

That much is true. If only you had known this when your mother would nag you to put your video game console down and go outside to play. But Mom, I’m working on enhancing my observation, attention, and intellect, so I could have replied. Or, “These games are helpful for improving my hand-eye coordination, spatial perception, response time, and social interaction abilities.” That logic is difficult to contest. Therefore, don’t pass up this one-time offer on an XBox Live Gold subscription—a 3-Month Subscription is only $19.99.

This membership, which has received 5/5 ratings from verified customers, is a gamer’s paradise. And while it is beneficial for cognition, Laquisha M., a verified customer, wrote: “I found it simpler to buy things for my kids thanks to the discount. They enjoy playing online, and I enjoy seeing them have a good time.”

We all know that playing video games is enjoyable and appeals to your competitive side, which is the real reason you spend so much time doing it. Like any activity, it’s significantly more enjoyable when you succeed or fail (in the game!)

You and more than 215 million other Americans are using your gadgets to play games in an effort to advance to the next level, beat your rivals, and win the grand prize.

Similar to any challenge, once you’ve conquered it, it might get tiresome. As a result, you should keep your gaming experiences varied. Playing online will become more thrilling than ever thanks to this Xbox Live Gold subscription in that regard. Using Clubs and Looking for Group, you can find other players who share your interests. Additionally, you get two to four free games each month in addition to a 50 to 75 percent shop discount on Xbox One titles.

You can purchase this three-month subscription for $19.99, which is 20% cheaper than the suggested retail price and less than the cost of the majority of Xbox One games.