Police in Oregon Ask Beachgoers Not to Use Hand Grenades

Police in Oregon Ask Beachgoers Not to Use Hand Grenades

Beachgoers in Oregon have been warned by authorities not to play with the devices. After many explosive devices were discovered washed ashore at Agate beach, the Newport Police Department was forced to issue this warning.

On October 4, the police arrived at the scene following many complaints of the devices being discovered by locals in the vicinity of Agate Beach and Yaquina Bay State Park. The devices were examined, and the bomb squad from Oregon State was brought in to collect them.

The department issued a warning, describing the objects as white and with a label that reads, “Warning Explosive.”

“The device is identified as a Simulator Hand Grenade M116A on the label. Do not handle or try to move such a device if you come across one. To report the device’s location, dial the police.”

The item is identified as a simulator hand grenade on the label, which also includes usage instructions. According to the maker, the grenades are used in training to accustom soldiers to the “sights and noises of battle in a non-lethal format.” The gadgets simulate live grenades by flashing and producing at least 125 dB.

Non-lethal weapons can still do some damage despite not being as deadly as grenade grenades, hence they are not advised as beach toys.