Imdb Launches New Interactive Gaming App ‘What to Watch’ On Amazon Fire TV

Imdb Launches New Interactive Gaming App ‘What to Watch’ On Amazon Fire TV

Finding anything to watch might feel like a pain at times. IMDb will release a free IMDb What to watch app for Fire TV today, available only in the United States that will provide users with personalized movie and TV series suggestions across different streaming services based on their favorite genres, hobbies, and current mood. IMDb’s chief operations officer, Nikki Santoro, stated, “Hundreds of millions of customers rely on IMDb when picking what and where to watch.” What began as a 90s hobby project has evolved into the most popular source of entertainment discovery. The database has over 10 million titles and receives over 200 million monthly visits from throughout the world.

Many of us, though, have grown bored of scrolling through the never-ending sea of information available through our dozen streaming service memberships. According to Nielsen, over half of all poll respondents said they were overwhelmed by the abundance of content available on streaming platforms. IMDb has released a new set of interactive mini-games for families who are continuously fighting over the remote or who are uncertain about what to watch (thus the name). The new app is aimed to give a range of simple games that can help users discover movies and series by leveraging exclusive and official IMDb data. The program also provides crucial data for each game, such as genre, trailer, run duration, and storyline description, to help you save even more time.

There will also be IMDb user ratings so you can gain an unbiased view on the content’s quality and whether or not it’s worth watching. Furthermore, rather than exiting the app and searching for the recommended movie or show, the What to Watch app allows you to use the Fire TV remote to click on the title. What to watch app from IMDb also includes quick-and-easy activities like “Quick Draw,” a card game that shuffles through movie and series possibilities in seconds to reveal a trio of choices. The player can keep clicking “deal cards” until they find something that appeals to them.

The second game is named “Watch Challenge,” and it offers a variety of curated IMDb lists of movies. This game allows collectors to watch, rate, and earn digital stamps while viewing titles from lists such as the IMDb Top 250 movies, award-winning films, and popular franchises. “This or That” is the third and last game available at launch. The game is a succession of “This or That?” questions based on what the user is seeking for based on their mood, genre, and other factors. There’s also the option to specify a viewing time and a rating.

According to the business, IMDb will continue to add additional games to the app, including the soon-to-be-released “Time Machine,” which allows users to travel back in time to view movies from their favorite decade, and “Build-a-Cast,” which allows players to construct their own dream cast of actors. Customers will be informed about these games as soon as they become available. The IMDb What to watch app is now available for free on the Amazon Fire TV Appstore. Users who join in with their IMDb accounts on the app will receive notifications about new features and games, as well as the ability to sync their personal ratings between IMDb and the IMDb What to watch app.