Internal Environmental factors of Organizational Performance

Internal Environmental factors of Organizational Performance

Organizational performance means the accumulated result of the whole organization of the performance of all employees depends on internal and innovative factors. It means the actual output or results of an organization measured against its intended outputs. It is an analysis of a company’s performance as compared to goals and objectives.

Internal en environmental factors of organizational performance: There are many internal factors that affect organizational performance. These are as follows:

Motivate behavior and teamwork: Motivate behavior represents the extent to which individuals will put their abilities to use on the job, and teamwork refers to people’s willingness and ability to work together to achieve organizational goals.

Financial resources: Financial resources obviously are important to organizational success. If the owner or managers of a company cannot raise the money they need to buy necessary equipment and supplies or to employ skilled workers, the organization will be ineffective and may not survive.

Technological and physical resources:  This includes not only equipment, such as the microcomputer or the robot, but also techniques for using the equipment, and the theoretical and applied knowledge behind it.

Structure: Structure refers to all the arrangements in an organization through which the activities and behavior of its employees are directed toward desired goals.

Management philosophy: A key feature of the environment in any organization in management, the set of ideas and beliefs held by the executives about how people should be managed.

Leadership style: Leadership is the process of influencing the behavior of others in the direction of a goal or set of goal or, more broadly toward a vision of the future.

Organizational culture: Another factor in the internal environment that is crucial to organizational culture, a broad concept that includes management philosophy.

Organizational climate: Organizational climate can be defined as the measurable, collective perceptions of organization members about those aspects of their working life that affect their motivation and behaviors – in particular, the culture of the organization, the prevailing leadership style, the degree of structure, and the personnel policies and practices.