Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI

MRI is the abbreviated form of the English term ‘Magnetic Resonance Imaging’. In MRI machine extended image of an organ or place of the body is formed utilizing strong magnetic field and radio wave. MRI machine works depending on the physical and chemical principles of ‘Nuclear Magnetic Resonance’. Using this principle, information about the nature of any molecule can be known.

MRI is a painless and safe disease diagnosis method. X-ray or any other kind of radiation is not used in this machine. The signals received from the part of the body which is scanned with MRI are transformed using computers and a very distinct image of that part of the body is formed. Each individual image acts as a slice of the organ of the body. Thus a number of images are formed, which exhibits all the characteristics of that part of the body.


The image obtained by MRI can be compared to each individual slice of bread. When one slice of the bread is picked up. then the interior part of the bread can be seen along with the slice. Similarly, each image found by MRI helps to view everything inside the body. The intensity of the wound is determined using MRI in case of twisting of ankles and back pain. MRI is an extremely valuable test to form an extended image of brain and spinal cord.