Mathematical Example: Density

Question: What is the density of liquid of mass 2000 kg and volume 2 m3.

Given Mass, m = 2000 kg

volume, v = 2 m3

Density, p = ?

We know, Density p = (mass/volume) = m/v

= 2000 kg / 2 m3 = 1000 kgm3


Note: When electricity goes off many of us use IPS and huge battery is used in an IPS. This type of battery known as storage cell is also used in cars and microphones. Sulphuric acid used in these cells has density ranging from 1.5 x 10-3 kgm3 to 1.3 x 10-3 kgm3.

Sometimes, hydrometer is used to measure the density. The cell will damage if the density of acid increases. For this reason necessary amount of water is added to it time to time to keep the density at desired level. Eggs sink in water, but rotten eggs remain floating. As the density of the rotten egg is less than the water, it floats on water.