The French Pensioner Accidentally Ejects Himself from Fighter Jet Plane during Retirement “Gift”

The French Pensioner Accidentally Ejects Himself from Fighter Jet Plane during Retirement “Gift”

A French pensioner received the gift of retirement when his colleagues decided to send him on a fighter jet experience day that he will never forget.
The unfortunate incident ended when the reluctant 644-year-old passenger was accidentally pulled out of the plane, once in a lifetime experience fast please don’t do it to me again now.  The great joke of a story where both the pilot and the passenger landed safely left you to give us away for free as you couldn’t make up for it.

A defense worker was “treated” as a retirement gift that would inadvertently see him board a two-seater Rafale-B French Air Force fighter jet from Saint-Desire 113 airbase in eastern France, On March 20, 2019. The unnamed gentleman, who has never expressed a passion for flying “and especially a raffle”, according to a report by France’s BAE-E aviation investigation, was unexpected. What happened next is listed in full in this report, which is in French, translated into Aerotime Hub.

Just four hours before the start of preparations for the takeoff, a man was cleared to fly with drugs and was told he would be involved in three raffle trips for military training aircraft. Typically, this test is done 10 days in advance for adequate mental preparation for the flight, but the restrictions were relaxed because it was agreed that the passenger would not be exposed to negative energy. This information was not given to the pilot in a very important way. Readings from the man’s smartwatch indicate his state of mind before he flew, with a lower heart rate between 136-142 BPM (normal range 60-100 BPM).

The passenger, who was burning under the peer pressure, basically boarded the plane himself, which means the installation has been tested … not checked. As a result, he accidentally loosened his anti-G pants, helmet and oxygen mask in his seat.  Yet it’s not surprising that when Takeoff got everything he tried to get stuck in a tight bag near his beloved life. As it turned out, it was an ejector handle. The Frenchman suffered a final humiliation after being hit by an airplane because his loosely fitted oxygen mask and helmet was a jester from his head.

Fighter jets travel at high speeds and change direction rapidly, triggering a sensitive rollercoaster for internal passengers as a result of the load factor. When you experience a positive load factor (+G) you feel heavier, and when you experience a negative load factor (-G) you feel lighter. Commercial planes adopt a gentle ascent of about 10°-15° generating a load factor of around +0.4G. For our inexperienced Frenchman, the Rafale has about 47 with a 4G load factor of 47 Takeoff. This somewhat disturbing behavior then further synthesizes the pilot by leveling the aircraft, creating a negative load factor of about -0.6G. Everything assured him that would not happen.

Now in a half-empty plane, the surprised pilot was fully back on the Airbus, knowing he could take out his own seat at any moment.  The Rafale-B command ejection system usually captures both passengers in the event of a crew member pulling the handle. Fortunately, the only positive technical error that occurred on the flight kept the pilot long enough to land the plane safely and safely.

A report from BEA-E concluded that peer pressure and poor preparation meant that “the margin of the passenger’s decision to reject the aircraft was probably considered non-existent.” They reminded the military authorities and Dassault Aviation to respect the 10-day rule between medical and flight in the future, without any pants of the future to avoid negative growth pressure on the French shaking the future.