Making a Splash in the Marketing World

Making a Splash in the Marketing World

“When it comes to clarity and high-converting content, most SaaS marketers make three typical blunders,” says Konrad Sanders, creator, and CEO of the Creative Copywriter. “1. Not standing out from the crowd. 2. Failure to humanize ‘tech jargon.’ 3. Not tailoring their messaging to the state of awareness of prospects at the proper funnel stage.” What can you do to stand out in an oversaturated market? Sanders took the time this week in marketing to respond to that question, deconstruct B2B SaaS marketing, and explain how marketers can do it well.

As part of our TechCrunch Experts series, Anna Heim, an Extra Crunch daily writer, interviewed Robert Katai, a Romanian marketing expert. Fill out our poll and tell us about a growth marketer you believe we should know about.

One Net Inc. is a marketer.

The Good Ride has recommended it.

“Excellent SEO expertise,” says a client. My e-commerce company is entirely reliant on SEO traffic, and we were delisted from Google three years ago because we didn’t comprehend the concept of duplicate content. One Net was able to repair our website and optimize it for Google, allowing us to reclaim our position in the SERPs. The bottom line is that they saved our company.”

Hypertry’s Natalia Bandach is a marketer.

Jean-Noel Saunier, Growth Hacking Course, recommends it.

“Natalia is someone with an out-of-the-box attitude to growth drivers and experimentation, full of inventive solutions and many ideas that she swiftly explores through testing,” according to a testimonial. Rather than focusing on a single sector, she attempts to figure out what makes the most sense for a company and creates trials that are both short and long-term. She is an ethical development manager who wants to know that the company adds genuine value and is willing to pivot in any direction, but always with a focus on the team’s well-being, professional growth, and avoiding burnout.

Avi Grondin, Variance Marketing, is a marketer.

Explorator Labs’ Adam Czach recommends it.

“They have a hands-on approach and worked with my team to not only generate results but also educate us on how we can continue to build our company.”

Nate Dame of Profound Strategy is a marketer.

Amanda Valle, Adobe, has recommended it.

“They provided a sophisticated content research, management, and writing platform, allowing us to better manage, produce, and collaborate around our content.”

Oren Greenberg, Kurve, is a marketer.

“He’s the most well-versed growth marketer I’ve met, with a wide variety of skills and an incredible ability to zoom in and out for company context and tactical implementation,” says Michael Lorenzos.

(Extra Crunch) Are B2B SaaS marketers doing things incorrectly? : Konrad Sanders, the creator, and CEO of the Creative Copywriter and a content strategist wrote for Extra Crunch about SaaS marketing.