5 Companies doing Growth Marketing Right

5 Companies doing Growth Marketing Right

What do all companies want regardless of industry? Increase Illumination, uninterrupted growth, the good news is that you can quickly learn what growth marketing strategies work by studying the success of other companies and adapting it to your own business. Most technophiles remember Dropbox’s referral program – that’s what helped it grow 3,900% in 15 months. Its vision was simple: reward customers with free storage space for mentioning other customers. In 2008 it was a perfect revelation. 

In 2021, you will be pressured to find an organization without a formal referral program. This is a quality growth marketing strategy. If you study other companies’ strategies, you’ll be able to grow shortcuts – it’s that simple. The fast-growing competition continues with more pressure than ever before. When you consider the speed at which venture capital funds return dollars to their investors and the cost of customer acquisitions has increased by 55% in the last three years, thoughtful and progressive marketers must make time to study their competition, learn best practices and their own business Applies to growth.

Of course, you should still run your own experiment but it is only more capital-efficient to simulate than trial-and-error from scratch. Here are five companies with exemplary value-added strategies – including the most important lessons you can start applying to your business today. SEO is going to spend time shaking its boots this summer. Google has launched the two-week Core Algorithm update on June 2nd and is releasing a one-page experience update by August. These updates usually come with significant volatility that makes the organic Google rankings jump across the whole place.

However, a clear winner in the 2021 SEO footsteps is Flow, the women’s ovulation calendar, period tracker, and pregnancy app. According to Growthbar, an SEO tool I co-founded, Floor organic traffic has grown 192% over the past two months and is on the front page for some stunned competitive women’s health keywords. If SEO is a strategy that you are following, then there are two key development lessons to take away from the recent success of Floor.