Who are the members of a Project Team?

Who are the members of a Project Team?

The project is a planned set of interrelated tasks to be executed over a fixed period and within certain cost and other limitations. Project team members are the individuals who actively work on one or more phases of the project. The following key team members might be needed, plus an appropriate number of scientists, engineers, technicians, clerks, and the like.

Project engineer: The project engineer is in charge of product design and development and is responsible for functional analysis, specifications, drawings, cost estimates, quality/reliability, engineering change, and documentation.

Manufacturing Engineer: The engineer’s task is the efficient production of the product or process the project engineer has designed, including responsibility for manufacturing engineering, design, and production of tooling/jigs/fixture, production scheduling, and other production tasks.

Field manager: This person is responsible for the installation, testing, and support of the product/ process once it is delivered to the customer.

Contract Administrator: The administrator is in charge of all official paperwork, keeping track of customer changes, billings, questions, complaints, legal aspects, costs, and other matters related to the contract authorizing the project.

Project controller: The controller keeps a daily account of budgets, cost variances, labor charges, project supplies, capital equipment status, etc.

Support service manager: This person is in charge of product support, subcontractors, data processing, and general management support functions.