Growth Marketing Roundup: SEO for 2021, Pitch Tactics, Reviews, and More

Growth Marketing Roundup: SEO for 2021, Pitch Tactics, Reviews, and More

Google favors larger sites than ever before, mainly because it’s trying to avoid providing inaccurate information in our polarized age. But sometimes smaller sites have new information – such as your startup trying to share the world with content. How can you stand in the right search results, because algorithms are constantly changing? Growth marketing expert Mark Spera writes that AI-driven content generators, careful trend tracking, great UX / UI and graphics, and advertising inspiration from your competitors can all give you an edge.

His article for Extra Crunch this week was one of our more popular with clients, but it’s not alone. Check out the latest coverage of our development-related topics below, and a few of the many reviews we received this week in our ongoing Growth Marketing survey. (If you haven’t already, please fill it out. We’re using founding recommendations to find the best aging experts around the world, and we’re sharing the results with all our readers.)

Marketer: Silent

Recommended: Roda Olman, Sense

Testimonials: “We’ve tried several different agencies, they show the best in class efficiency with the advertising platforms provided by Facebook and Google. There are also very smart and efficient methods for their creative development that were important to help us scale.”

Marketers: Mitch Kausi, Demandwell

Suggested: Drew Bichler, Hi Alpha

Testimonials: “The Mitch and Demandwell team are some of the smartest content, SEO and digital marketers I’ve ever met and their results speak for themselves. There are several best in helping to think about organic search as a repetitive, proven method. Mitch and the Demandwell playbook have worked so well that after two years as clients and recommended too many in our portfolio, High Alpha brought Demandwell to the portfolio to turn their playbook into a scalable software platform.”

Marketer: Maya Mauferek, Marketing Cube

Recommended by: Nikki O’Farrell,

Testimonials: “Expert ear and eye from the world of startups/scale-ups and growth. Its functional and direct approach allows you to execute faster and see faster results.