Beyond Meat’s Plant-based ‘chicken’ Tenders are coming to Grocery Stores

Beyond Meat’s Plant-based ‘chicken’ Tenders are coming to Grocery Stores

This summer, Beyond Meat introduced its plant-based “chicken” tenders to restaurants, and you’ll soon be able to enjoy them at home when the company begins selling them through shops. Starting in October, the $5 tenders will be available at Walmart and other major grocery chains in select cities. Later this year, beyond plans broaden its availability. The firm claims that its tenders have 50% less saturated fat than chicken tenders and are free of GMOs, antibiotics, hormones, and cholesterol, Beyond’s attempt to imitate the taste and texture of a chicken tender employs faba bean rather than a soy-based formulation.

It claims that the pre-cooked tenders may be heated in less than 10 minutes. Beyond’s tenders will be offered at some Jewel-Osco, Safeway NorCal, Harris Teeter, Giant Foods, and ShopRite locations in the beginning, in addition to Walmart. Meanwhile, Beyond has announced that its items would be more widely available at Walmart. Breakfast Sausage Patties will be available in over 1,300 new stores, and Beyond Meatballs and Beyond Beef Crumbles will be available in more places.

The plant-based meat alternative ecosystem has had a busy month. Beyond competitor Impossible recently began selling their “chicken” nuggets in eateries. This fall, restaurants will be able to use Impossible’s version of ground pork in their recipes. Beyond Meat has announced that their plant-based ‘chicken’ tenders would be available in supermarket shops across the United States. The announcement appears to be in lockstep with competitor Impossible Foods, which is planning to launch its own plant-based chicken nuggets in the near future. The chicken tenders will not include any chicken meat, as you might imagine.

In early July, Beyond Meat announced the introduction of their plant-based Chicken Tenders product in restaurants; today, September 27, the firm announced that the product will also be available at major US retailers. Beginning next month, Beyond Chicken Tenders will be offered in ‘select’ grocery shops across the United States.

Beyond Meat’s Chicken Tenders will cost $4.99 and will provide a chicken-like experience in a vegetarian package, according to the company. Beyond Chicken Tenders, like the rest of the company’s goods, are manufactured from plant-based oils and protein, simulating the crispy treat without the use of animal ingredients.

Beyond Chicken Tenders joins the company’s other plant-based chicken products, which include Original Orange Chicken, which is available at Panda Express, Meat Nuggets, which are available at many A&W Canada locations, and Beyond Fried Chicken, which was developed for KFC. Plant-based sausages and burgers are also available from the brand.