Methods of Written Communications for Employees

Methods of Written Communications for Employees

Methods of Written Communications for Employees

Management needs to communicate with floor level employees. The written methods of communicating with them are as follows:

Employee handbook: Employee handbook is a very useful tool that gives employees an opportunity to learn about the company. It is a central information source that provides information regarding company history, rules relating to job performance, employee benefits etc. Handbook is usually supplied to the newly appointed employees.

Employee bulletin: Bulletins are used to inform any emergency matter to the employees. Generally, such bulletins are prepared and distributed by supervisors. In some cases, it is hanged on the company notice board.

Employee newsletter: Employee newsletter is a very useful tool of communication with employees. It is designed to inform the employees such matters as success of the company, undergoing projects of the company, news about employee recognition or award, employee articles or stories etc. Such newsletter may be published weekly, fortnightly, monthly and so on.

Letter to new employees: Welcome letters are sent to the newly appointed employees to make cordial relationship with them.

Reading racks: Some organizations arrange reading racks to stimulate reading interests or the employers. These racks are fabricated with various books, papers, documents etc. During leisure periods, employees can read these materials and can gain knowledge.

Bulletin Boards: Bulletin boards are the oldest mechanism of written communication with employees. Bulletin boards are generally located in such place of the organization where majority of the employee usually gather. Bulletin Boards display information like job posting, upcoming events of the company, new work policies etc.

Pay-roll envelop: Many organization give salary through envelop. The envelop contains a slip describing calculation of salary and any change there to, any wage cut or penalty etc.

Complaint and suggestion box: Many organizations install complaint box at a suitable place where employees can drop their complaints, grievances, queries, suggestions etc.