Most people can’t tell the difference between Trump and Trump AI

Most people can’t tell the difference between Trump and Trump AI
Sometimes, even when you hear the words from Trump’s mouth in your own ears, it’s hard to believe that they are the real thing that a professor said. Remember, for example, when he claimed that windmill noises caused cancer or repeatedly suggested that we should stop hurricanes?

Well, to muddy the waters even further, an artificial intelligence (AI) text generator has been used to create a special replica of Trump – what we would call “unique” – the pattern of speech and it has been proven that people can’t tell the difference, which of these statements is written by AI and which is 100% real out.

First sample: “So, that’s why I was saying with these, yes, I like to win. But, boy, do these guys want me? These guys, won’t talk about it. They say, “Donald Trump, please, run” because they will take away your tax breaks because they will take away your control cuts. They will take them. And really, really, really bad things will happen to our country. Our country would go down very fast, very, very fast. Democrats want to turn back the clock, which they basically did. They are back. We have come a long way to the left of what we imagined.

Second sample: Democrats are a criminal group. They want to cancel the ICC. And they don’t like it. You know, these guys came to you – I mean, it’s incredible. We recently had a case where we got MS-13 outside our country. They’re not coming back. We are doing things with ICE and Border Patrol and law enforcement. We have done more than anyone else. So this election is about protecting all Americans. This election is also about prosperity. Over the years, you have seen your leaders
apologize for America. Now you see America apologizing for them. That is why I urge every party, every background, and every citizen of every caste, creed, or caste to reject the Democrat politics of resentment and division and embrace an
agenda based on hope and optimism deep in the heart of America. Because if we’ve learned one thing over the last few months, it should be: I would rather not live anywhere else. No place. [Audience Chant USA] Thank you. You, God, bless you, and America God blesses America.

AIT was created by short software called CTRL, a natural language model that can be trained to replicate a person’s language style, given enough input in the form of text. used AI to create new Trump speeches and then tested how the public could distinguish them from actual speeches made by the president. The public, it is fair to say, did not perform well.

Before taking the test, the subjects were asked: “How are you concerned that the fake text created by artificial intelligence will be used to influence the 2020 election? “Once they finished the test, which included 20 samples, 43 percent of respondents said they were more concerned about the impact of AI-generated text before the 2020 election, not before they took the quiz. You can pick up a short version of the quiz here.

So, is AI getting better, or is it easier to uniquely copy Trump’s speech pattern? The researchers wrote on their site, In fact, the slightest bit of both is probably a little bit”. While Trump’s rambling style has probably made it harder to distinguish between real and fake than a more articulate and talented speaker, today’s new natural language generation AI models have reached the challenge of creating their fake, real-sound text.