Musk begins selling “Burnt Hair” Fragrance and Has Already Made $1 Million

Musk begins selling “Burnt Hair” Fragrance and Has Already Made $1 Million

The next product from Elon Musk is a posh-smelling cologne dubbed “Burnt Hair.” The richest man in the world claims that, while not quite as lucrative as creating a galactic empire, the product let him make over $1 million in only a few short hours.

Musk announced his new perfume on Twitter, his preferred form of public communication. He plans to sell it through The Boring Company, his tunnel-boring company.

The scent, which is being marketed as “the essence of disgusting desire,” costs $100 and can be purchased on the company’s shop website. He claims that within one day of its release, 10,000 bottles had already been sold.

Why did I even resist it for so long? “With a name like mine, getting into the scent business was unavoidable. “Perfume Salesman only,” Musk tweeted after updating his Twitter bio.

“10,000 Burnt Hair bottles were sold!

“Can’t wait for media articles about the $1 million sale of burnt hair tomorrow,” he continued.

Through his several businesses, Musk is used to marketing odd and occasionally cryptic goods. Flamethrowers that were expressly labeled as “not-a-flamethrowers” were notably marketed back in 2018 by the Boring Company. All 20,000 units were successfully sold by the corporation, raising about $10 million in cash.

In an apparent jab at Tesla’s short sellers in 2020, Telsa sold red satin “short shorts” for $69.420. A lightning-bolt-shaped bottle of Tesla’s own tequila was also released after the company’s creator, Elon Musk, tweeted the concept on April 1st, 2018.

Nobody knows for sure yet if Musk’s most recent perfume offering contains any hidden meaning, but it has people wondering: