NASA Chief Suggests Recent UFO Sightings Could Be Extraterrestrial Life

NASA Chief Suggests Recent UFO Sightings Could Be Extraterrestrial Life

Bill Nelson aspires to be a believer. While the head of NASA recently commented on the recent high profile UFO encounters by US Navy pilots, he suggested that while he does not fully comprehend what these phenomena are about, it is difficult to rule out the possibility that they are the technology of extraterrestrial life. Since May, Nelson, a former astronaut, and Florida Senator have served as NASA Administrator. He recently gave a live-streamed interview with the University of Virginia, in which he discussed everything from China’s space policy to the issue of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) sightings. Since 2004, there have been more than 300 confirmed sightings of unexplained flying objects, according to Nelson. Their origins, on the other hand, are uncertain.

“I spoke with those pilots, and they confirmed that they spotted something and that their radars were latched on to it. In addition, they have no idea what it is. Nelson told Larry Sabato, director of the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics, “We don’t know what it is.”

“We’re hoping it’s not a human foe with that type of technology.” Nevertheless, it is a start; as a result, this is a task those we are always on the lookout for: ‘Who is out there?’ ‘Who are we, exactly?’ ‘How did we get here?’ ‘How did we develop?’ ‘How did we civilize?’ ‘How did we become as we are?’ ‘Are those the same conditions in a universe with billions of other suns and billions of other galaxies?’ It’s so big that I can’t imagine it.” “There are even suggestions now that there could be different worlds,” Nelson continued. “And if that’s the case, who am I to declare that Earth is the only place where civilized and structured life forms like ours can exist?”

“What it makes me think is that I need to be a better steward of what we have because we’re destroying it. My mission is clear: to be a better steward of the planet and a better citizen of the world “Added he.”Is it possible that there are other Earths out there? Because the cosmos is so vast, I believe so.”

UFO sightings, which were once considered the domain of conspiracy theorists, have gained newfound validity in recent years because of a number of high-profile sightings that received mainstream media coverage and were later confirmed by the Pentagon. The US Office of the Director of National Intelligence even released a much-anticipated report on UFO encounters this year. The investigation concluded that there was no evidence to corroborate or refute that any of the sightings were extraterrestrial life. Nonetheless, it appears that the US government is finally taking UFO reports seriously after decades of dismissing them.