New Israeli Military Tech Can See Through Walls

New Israeli Military Tech Can See Through Walls

According to reports, a new Israeli military innovation can “see through walls” by utilizing an AI-based monitoring system to discern between moving and stationary targets hidden behind tall walls. The Camero XaverTM 1000, which is intended for use by the military, law enforcement, and assistance personnel in disaster relief, asserts that when held up against a wall, it can provide high-resolution photographs of items behind the wall. The portable gadget, which Camero Tech claims can pierce anything from thin plasterboard to reinforced concrete, can be used with little to no training. 

The technology will be used to determine where individuals are located inside a building. It can recognize particular body parts and determine whether a target is an animal, kid, or adult. Shepard Media says the technology was demonstrated at Eurosatory 2022.

The XaverTM 1000’s mechanism of operation is incredibly poorly understood, as is the case with all military equipment. It includes a folding antenna encircling a 25.7-centimeter (10.1-inch) display that is pushed up against the wall you want to “see through.” Currently, that is pretty much all we know about Camero, which claims to employ AI algorithms to monitor patterns behind materials and show a blueprint of the area as well as everything within. In-depth analysis of Camero’s technology reveals that their devices employ radio waves to pass through barriers, which is not a novel concept.

However, because heavier objects bend the waves and make it difficult for the instrument to piece together the scan data, radar has very low resolution when travelling through walls. According to Camero, their devices appear to have found a solution to this problem by boosting resolution to the point where it can recognize subtle motions and leaving AI to handle the remainder of the labor-intensive tasks. Despite not being able to provide the whole X-ray vision package, the business claims that they are very near.

“Even though we come near to that, it’s unlikely that we will be able to assert that with radio technology, such as super-realistic pictures as we can see with our eyes, we can truly’see through walls. Can we, however, clearly see what is happening beyond the wall? “In this case, the answer is unquestionably good,” claims Camero Tech on their website. The Xaver 800, another device that makes use of related technology, is shown in the video below.