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No Green Thumb Necessary. This PICO Planter Provides What Your Plants Need

No Green Thumb Necessary. This PICO Planter Provides What Your Plants Need

If you’re lamenting your lack of green thumb, know that it’s possible that the reason your plants are withering isn’t completely your fault. No one is born with the natural ability to make plants grow. All you need are the necessary equipment and the ability to follow instructions. This PICO Planter comes with everything you’ll need to get started growing plants indoors. It’s now on sale for $39.99 (regularly $49). Indoor plants have the power to improve our lives in ways we can’t possibly conceive. They may lower stress, be therapeutic, and enhance the air quality in your environment, according to scientists. 

This can lead to a longer attention span, improved focus, and a quicker recovery from illness. Herbs, in particular, have been shown to help prevent diseases including heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, because to their high antioxidant content. There is also preliminary evidence that rosemary molecules might be used as part of a COVID-19 therapy. And, of course, we all know how herbs may enhance the flavor of a variety of dishes.

So, let’s get started with a planter that Entrepreneur has dubbed “the greatest indoor herb garden kit to beautify your desk” (or any space, we might add). PICO is an all-in-one planter with OSRAM LED grow lights and a self-watering system. It comes with a variety of mounting options, so you may put it almost anyplace, even if there is no natural light. You may link many PICOs using the daisy chain connection, creating a beautiful indoor landscape. Herbs, cactus, or any other indoor plant can be grown. Plants up to nine inches tall can be accommodated by the telescopic height adjustment.

This PICO planter, which was successfully financed on Kickstarter, is now available for just $39.99. Not only will it make caring for your plants easier than ever, but PICO’s partner “One Tree Planted” will plant a tree for each order as part of their 100,000-tree objective. It’s a win-win situation for both you and the environment.

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