On Its RCS-Powered Messages App for Android, Google Modifies a Few Chimes

On Its RCS-Powered Messages App for Android, Google Modifies a Few Chimes

Google has been improving its Android Messages app. It unveiled a new app icon last month and now sent and received message chimes have new sounds. The sound that plays when an incoming message arrives can be changed. Default notification sound can be found under Settings > Sound & vibration. When you tap the top box, a list of sounds will appear for you to choose from when a message is waiting for you. After making your choice, make sure to click “save” in the upper right corner of the screen.

Although you can choose the music that will be played to announce an arriving message, when a thread is open, the Messages app chooses the sound that will be played for both incoming and departing messages. According to 9to5Google, Google has switched to a softer, shorter chime for incoming and outgoing messages after several weeks of testing.

On Its RCS-Powered Messages App for Android, Google Modifies a Few Chimes

The capacity of the Rich Communication Service (RCS) platform present in Google Messages to allow users to react using any emoji they choose to use rather than choosing from the constrained number of seven that are currently accessible is one of the additional modifications that will soon be implemented. New sent, delivered, and read message indicators are reportedly also coming to the Google Messages app.

A delivered message will display two circles, each with a checkmark inside, but a sent message will display a single circle with a checkmark inside. The two circles with the checkmarks on a message that has been read will still be present, but the circle’s interior will now be highlighted. There is nothing you can do to hasten the update’s arrival on your end; it appears to be a server-side upgrade that requires Google to turn on the switch on its end in order to distribute.

Hey! We should also note that if you have an Android phone and would like to use RCS features, such as sending longer messages, higher-quality video and images, receiving read receipts, typing indicators, and using emoji reactions, you must uninstall your current carrier-based messaging app and download Google Messages from the Play Store.