Only Two More Weeks Until TC Early Stage 2021: Marketing & Fundraising

Only Two More Weeks Until TC Early Stage 2021: Marketing & Fundraising

TC Early Stage 2021: Marketing and fundraising begins in just two weeks and we see you tremble with “antiquity … passion” (two points for reference to the “Rocky Horror Picture Show”). And who can blame you? We’re not sure. On July 8-9, this two-day virtual bootcamp will serve as a choice for leading beginner gurus, mavens, and masters on essentials designed to help you build a more powerful startup.

Action Item: If you haven’t registered yet, buy your pass now and climb. Bonus: Your pass includes a free, three-month subscription for extra crunch, our members-only program that includes exclusive daily articles for founders and startup teams.

At TC Early Stage 2021, hurry through what you will experience in July. The first day are about highly interactive sessions on topics such as marketplace positioning, growth marketing, content development and – everyone’s favorite topic – fundraising? Here are two basic examples of topics and talents on two topics.

Growth Marketing 101: “Growth” is a concept that is seamlessly defined and managed in the beginning. Grillek Partners, Mike Dubo has developed growth teams in the early stages and growth / IPO-stage firms and talks about how design should be considered for growth of companies, best practices in performance marketing scaling and how investors deconstruct healthy versus unhealthy growth. 

How a Founder Can Think Like a VC: With more capital flowing into the market than ever before, the world of fundraising can still feel like a black box to many founders. Listen to Norwest Venture Partners ’Lisa Wu explains how the founder can recall the VC, framing the narrative of their organization according to the VC’s preferences. Be as the ball is.

Don’t miss the Buffo breakout sessions at Dell Technologies, User Testing, Moviel, Pilot and Ovis. In the event agenda you will find content descriptions and times (specific to your location). The second day is about pitch-off. Takes the Virtual Stage as a 10-tier start and delivers their best five-minute pitch to a global audience of investors, TC editors, and press and event participants. The five-minute question and answer session with the judges followed.