Harmful Effects of Sound Pollution in Human Life

Harmful Effects of Sound Pollution in Human Life

Harmful Effects of Sound Pollution in Human Life

Sound pollution takes place when there is either extreme amount of noise or a repulsive sound that causes short-term disturbance in the natural stability.

Causing heart attack: Sound pollution may cause heart attack by increasing blood pressure Sudden high sound may even cause death to the heart patients.

Causing deafness: Continuous sound pollution may reduce the hearing level of sound and cause deafness to the patients by the break down tympanic membranes.

Causing disturbance in attention: Sound pollution causes disturbance in the concentration to reading and other works.

Influences on babies: Unwanted high sound may influence on undelivered babies and after their delivery they show abnormal behavior.

Causing nerves bush down: Sound pollution may cause nervous breakdown to humans and symptoms of mental diseases are seen in them.

Hearing: The immediate and acute effect of noise pollution to a person, over a period of time, is impairment of hearing.

Sound Pollution increases the chances of occurrence of diseases such as headache, blood pressure, heart failure, etc. It leads to increased heart beat, constriction of blood vessels and dilation of pupil. It is worth noting that these effects may not sound troubling, but the truth is, with time, the consequences can be very worrying.

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