The procedures for meeting minutes

The minute is an official written statement of the motions and resolutions taken in a meeting. It is brief but a complete record of all discussions held among the members of the meeting. It is also defined as the official record of the proceeding of a meeting that should be needed to approve by the participating members of the meeting.

An accurate written record of meetings is essential not only for all those who attended the meeting but also for those who were unable to attend. Some definitions of the minute are as follows:

According to Rajendra Pal and Korlahalli, “Minutes are the official records of the proceedings of the meeting.”

So, minutes are the brief and complete official written the record of all discussion which is held among the members of the meeting.

The following factors should be considered in drafting minutes of a meeting:

  1. Name and address of the organization
  2. Name of the meeting
  3. Date, time and venue of the meeting
  4. Name of the chairperson
  5. Name and signature of the participating members
  6. Serial number
  7. Following of the rules and structure of minutes
  8. Name of the prosper and supplier of resolutions
  9. Number of regret letters
  10. Easy and understandable language
  11. Divisions
  12. Proper data
  13. Signature of the president