How to Overcome Employee Dissatisfaction?

How to Overcome Employee Dissatisfaction?

Dissatisfaction is the negative motive for the working environment or other factors. Employee satisfaction refers to the general attitude of employees towards their jobs. When any factory has on well-working condition better quality of work working time is high and paying a small amount of salaries than the worker or employee are dissatisfied that called is dissatisfaction of employees.

When any factory are facing dissatisfactory problem then the factory maintain and applied some satisfactory to overcome or remove the dissatisfaction that are –

(a) The changing workforce: When a worker is dissatisfied then production is go-slow, in these time manager or owner to withdraw or change the workforce or change the extra time work in every day. The managers also change the managerial behavior of the employee. To provide some extra facility in the working time.

(b) The changing success ethic: In every factory has no capacity to satisfy all employee at every level of a job then the employee work is measurements of success are changing. Under the Protestant ethic, the traditional goal in life was wealth and success, was measured in terms of material accumulations.

(c) Sources of job dissatisfactions: When any factory face to employee dissatisfaction then the factory is also eliminated major sources of job dissatisfaction such success are – lack of interesting work, lack of opportunities, for advertisement and for self-expression and lack of personal fulfill mints etc.