Rank Reduction Order Letter

Rank Reduction Order Letter

Rank Reduction Order Letter

[Order of reduction in rank is the demotion letter provided to an employee by the employer due to bad performance. Here briefly focus on sample Rank Reduction order Letter. Basically this kind of letter is a warning for bad performance. You can modify this sample as your requirement.]

Date: DD/MM/YY


Name of the Employee…

Job Designation…

Department name…

Employee ID: ****

Sub: Rank Reduction Order

Dear (Name),

Your previous records disclose that you have no initiative or sense of responsibility for your post. Habitually, you have stayed away from duty & neglected your work. (Describe in your words). You were warned/ reprimanded but there has been no improvement. We tried our best to motivate you to take an interest in the work and to observe regularity and punctuality but of no avail. (Describe actual problem and situation). You have been as careless as ever and have refused to perform your duties seriously. Your carelessness has not caused the work to suffer but it is also likely to affect the discipline among other members of the staff. (Explain all about the situation).

Under circumstances, we are of the concerned opinion that the post held by you entails greater responsibility than you can shoulder as you lack the necessary initiative, which is required for the post. (Describe official decision). Therefore, we hereby give you one month notice to relieve you from the present position and instead assign you post of (Job Designation) with immediate effect from (date). This post requires lesser responsibility & we feel that you will be able to perform your duty more sufficiently. (Describe all about the company policy and other conditions). However, you will be entitled to only those benefits and salary that the post caries.

We are also mentioning that if you fail to show improvement and continue to conduct yourself in the way you have been doing, (Describe your expectation and recommendation), we shall be constrained to dispense with your services after holding an inquiry, if necessary.

Your name…

Manager/Authorized Person (Job Designation)

Department name…

Cc: − The Accounts department for information & necessary action.