Role of Technology in Business Communication

Role of Technology in Business Communication

Role of Technology in Business Communication

Technology is the mechanical application of the rules of science in performing human activities. Technological development has changed the human lives dramatically. It brings dynamism, happiness and prosperity in human lives and makes their lives easy and simple.

Recent development in business is the gift of technological advancement. Information technology has turned the whole world into a single family and has opened a new horizon in business. The role of technology in business communication is discussed below:

Quick transmission of information: The greatest advantage of electronic communication is the quick transmission of information. With the help of electronic media, one can send information to a distant receiver just within a few seconds.

Transmitting large volume of information: People can send large volume of information with the help of electronic devices. Through e-mail, one can attach writings of hundred pages easily.

Making instant business decision: With the help of electronic communication, managers can take instant or quick decisions. With a click of computer, they can obtain information at anytime from anywhere in the world. This helps in making quick decision and ensures better management of business.

Lowering communication cost: Electronic communication not only saves time but also money. Electronic communication such as e-mail requires less cost than the traditional means of posting a letter.

Wide coverage: Through electronic communication, one can transmit information to many receivers who are located in different places. With the help of electronic devices like satellite, people conquered distance and the whole world has now turned into a global village.

Communication with distant people: Electronic communication provides the opportunity of interactive communication with distant people. Video conferencing, for example, allows interactive communication even though the participants are geographically dispersed. It saves travel cost, time, and energy.

Easy preservation of information: Electronic devices can store huge volume of information that can be used in time of need. As a result, the use of manual files is decreasing day by day.

Managing operations globally: In modern days, businesses are becoming global. More and more businesses are dispersing their operations across the globe. Management of geographically dispersed business operations is possible only through electronic communication.