Features or Characteristics of Market Report

Features or Characteristics of Market Report

Features or Characteristics of Market Report

A market report is prepared on the basis of transactions and other dealings taken place in a particular market. It is generally written on the transactions of a particular type of product. Therefore, It is regarded as an important weapon to the buyers, sellers, suppliers, consumers, government, and to other concerned parties. Such an important report must contain some special features. Its main features are discussed below:

Written statement: In a market report information related to buying, selling and other dealings of a particular product in a particular market at a particular period are presented in the written form.

Particular market place: Market report is generally prepared for presenting transactions of a product in a particular market place. It does not contain any information on other market transactions. Report on Dhaka Stock Exchange, Repot on Narayarngonj Jute Market etc. is the examples of market report.

Particular Time: Market re or generally prepared for a particular time period. For example, market reports are prepared for daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, half yearly and annually.

Specific product: In a market, many products arc transacted. But a market report contains only the transactions of a particular or specific product. For example: Rangpur Tobacco Market, Narayarngonj Jute Market etc.

Definite structure: Market report is prepared by following a definite structure. This enhances the utility and acceptance of the report.

Neutrality: Information presented in the market report should be neutral and free form any bias. This increases the acceptability of the report.

Business information: Market report contains only business information like demand, supply, price level, price index, market trend etc. It does not contain any personal information.

Business forecast: Generally, an ideal market report indicates neutral and unbiased future market trends based on present market condition.

Other features: Being a member of report family, a market report also contains the general features of report.