Scope of Mass Communication

Scope of Mass Communication

Scope of Mass Communication

The scope of mass communication is very pervasive. All aspects of modern society like entertainment, economics, politics, education, science, religion, charities, agriculture and transportation fall within the scope of mass communication. With the advancement of human civilization and technology, its scope is increasing day by day. In the following, the scope of mass communication is discussed:

Mass communication in social affairs: The existence of mass communication is seen in every sphere of social life. Every day, millions of people listen to the radio, watch television, read newspaper for recreation, entertainment, weather forecast, political programs, sports news, job information, advertisements of products and services and so on. In true sense, mass communication is an indispensable part of every major social activity of modern life.

Mass communication in Business: Relying on mass communication, modern business organizations are operating globally. The mass media are the main tools of advertisements. Mass media help to create demand of products and services in different parts at the world.

Mass communication in Management: Mass communication also exists in performing management functions Management has to rely on various media of mass communication in recruitment, selection and training of employees; developing labor-management relationships; communicating with the mass people and so.

Mass communication in politics: Mass communication is also seen in politics. Political ideologies, manifesto, programs etc. are communicated through various mass media. Without mass media, political campaigns would be limited.

Mass Communication in international affairs: International affairs are also within the scope of mass communication. International mass communication brings together various development programs, policies, and opinions of people living in different societies.

Mass communication in state affairs: State affairs like formulation and dissemination of state policies, laws, rules etc. are also within the scope of mass communication. In addition, various government programs relating to health, sanitation, education, social awareness etc. are disseminated through mass media.

Mass communication in Marketing: In mass marketing of products and services, companies rely on mass media like advertisement and publicity. The role of mass communication in expanding the product market in home and abroad is inevitable.