Situations that Require Circular Letter

Situations that Require Circular Letter

Situations that Require Circular Letter

The objectives of circular letter are many folds. Generally, circular letter passes business related information to a huge number of readers. However, it may also circulate non-business information. Circular letter is drafted and distributed for attaining three sets of objectives: business objective, personal objective and social objective.

These purposes of circular letter are also known as the situations requiring circular letters. These objectives or situations are discussed below:

(A) Business objectives: Circular letter is written for the (Slowing two business objectives:

Circulating busies information: The primary objective of circular letter is to distribute information relating to business. Circular letter usually circulates the following business information:

  • Launching a new business;
  • Expansion of existing business in any new field;
  • Changing the nature of business;
  • Opening or closing branches of the business;
  • Changing the name of the business;
  • Shifting the address of the business;
  • Discharging any officer, executive, agent or representative of the business;
  • Employing any new business executive or agent;
  • Admission of new partner;
  • Retirement or death of any existing partner;
  • Cancellation of any business deal or contract;
  • Entering into any new business contract;
  • News regarding increase or decrease of price;
  • News regarding trademarks, registered brand etc.
  • Amalgamation of some business units; and
  • Winding up of business partly or wholly.

Increasing demand for the products: Business circular letter also aims at increasing product’s demand In this case, circular letter contains the following information-

  • Innovation of new product;
  • Quality improvement of existing products;
  • Import of any new product;
  • Marketing of new products;
  • Decease or increase in product price;
  • Any special discount or reduction in price;
  • News relating to any business award or certificate such ISO 9001 certificate.

(B) Personal objective: Circular letter may be used to circulate the name and fame, achievement, contribution etc. of an individual.

(C) Social objective: Circular letter can also be drafted highlighting the social or national problems with a view to build public awareness.