Spongy Parenchyma

Spongy Parenchyma

Spongy parenchyma the lower layer of the ground tissue of a leaf, typically containing irregularly shaped cells with relatively few chloroplasts and large intercellular spaces. The air space found between the spongy parenchyma cells allows gaseous exchange between the leaf and the outside atmosphere through the stomata. In water plants, the intercellular spaces in the spongy parenchyma help the leaf float. Both layers of the mesophyll include many chloroplasts.


  • These are there towards the lower epidermis in dorsiventral leaf.
  • These are oval-shaped parenchymatous cells and are loosely arranged with large air chambers.
  • These are multilayers.
  • These cells contain few chloroplasts, which are irregularly distributed. Thus, lower part one for the leaf is less green.


  • The round or oral shaped cells, situated below the palisade parenchyma, which are arranged scatteredly are said to be Spongy parenchyma.
  • Within the cells, great deals of inter-cellular spaces are present.
  • A little chloroplast is present in these cells