Suggest some way–out for effective Co-ordination in Organization

Suggest some way–out for effective Co-ordination in Organization

Coordination means, to integrate all the activities of an organization. Coordination is “integration of the activities of individuals and units into a concerted effort that works towards a common aim.” — Pearce and Robinson

Effective Coordination activities and structures can bring a sense of order to the resulting chaos. It maintains a unity of action amongst individuals and departments.

Way-out for effective co-ordination –

(1) That the project is viable.

(2) That the approved and clearances for finance and the assistance are available in time under simplified procedures and one windows service.

(3) That there is no delay in clearing for importing capital goods and raw materials.

(4) That the project is implemented and commenced as per schedule.

(5) That the action to modify the product mix is in time if there are changes in the market demand.

(6) That there is an uninterrupted power supply for the industrial purpose.

(7) That the entrepreneurs are sincere, efficient and accountable and at the same time, punishment must be awarded for a delay, mismanagement of mis-utilization of funds.

(8) That only the required number of manpower is recruited based on efficiency, skill and competency.

(9) That there are healthy, cordial labour relations.

(10) There are effective systems and controls at all levels of operations.

(11) One of the most effective means of achieving coordination is direct contact. Written communication, modern electronic, mechanical devices, etc., can also be used.

Effective coordination is based on the interdependence of organizational activities. Coordinating function of the management consists of inter-relating the various parts of the work as well as the work of different departments.