The Canadian Institution has created an incredible Invisibility Shield

The Canadian Institution has created an incredible Invisibility Shield

Incredibly, technological advances over the past few years have brought these fantasies to the real world, from the hat of Athena’s invisibility to H.G. The idea of ​​making oneself invisible to Wells and Harry Potter has always corrupted the human imagination.

The components use a method that you may already be familiar with:  lenticular lenses. If you see 3 of those images but 3D is displayed depending on it, you have seen this technology.

The material is as thin as paper, cheap, and requires no power source. While it doesn’t work as effectively as any magic costume, it works pretty well for hiding and it’s certainly confusing to look at. Quantum’s camouflage design company
Hyperstealth has created the latest invisible technology called Quantum Stealth.

The element is not affected by the colors of what it is trying to hide but it distorts the background. So it is not a garment of magical invisibility; People will know that there are some secrets behind it, they will not be able to discover the details of what it is.

Similarly, the material can bend light in such a way that means only things that are too close or too far away can be seen. So any object or person placed behind it at a certain distance will disappear. The material has the considerable broadband capability and is capable of bending light from medium and near-ultraviolet to infrared. As a result of the lower resolution of cameras working outside the spectrum of visible light, the effect becomes much clearer and more noticeable when the elements are viewed through them.

HyperStealth has recently filed four patents on and related technologies and released a series of videos on how it works. HyperStealth’s Guy Cramer began developing the technology in 2010 and has been working with military agencies to develop it ever since. Drink a glass of water and put a spoon in it. It will appear curved. The same effect is seen a little less than in pools. When light moves between two objects, the angle at which it is moving will vary depending on the refractive index. So it is possible to be clever with materials to build something that has a blind spot. You can easily see the effect. And that’s where the invisibility happens.