The First At-Home Cat Genetics And DNA Test Is Here

The First At-Home Cat Genetics And DNA Test Is Here

If you are reading this, you will already be treating your cat like a family. You probably liked a cat social media post too. It is common knowledge to take care of your fictional friend to keep you healthy from the obscure toy you are buying. 

If you had, the opportunity to take a closer look at your cat’s health that could prevent any future disease, would you accept it? For all YES: Basepaws Breed + Health DNA Test – Home-Cat Genetics Test The world’s first cat DNA test is a cat parent’s dream come true: a unique opportunity to learn more about your cat and make sure you take the best care of its health.

The First At-Home Cat Genetics And DNA Test Is Here

Important things to say, the test: the test is simple, fast and aggressive. A quick cheek swab and you will be set to send your cat’s DNA to the lab. In just four to six weeks, you will have all the data you need. The data is also deep. 

Learn about the origins of your cat across 39 genetic markers, 21 breeds and 4 breeds. You will also find reports on career status, changes and trends in the spread of 17 diseases. Also, keep your cat healthy according to its test results. 

If sometimes your friend’s behavior surprises you with how close the tiger’s genome is to you, you will get the answer. Find out exactly how your cat compares to big wild cats like cheetahs, cougar, lions and tigers. The test is a fan favorite (and the idea of ​​a unique gift).

It has appeared in major publications such as BuzzFeed, Fortune, Glamour and Wired and has even appeared on Ellen’s list and Shark Tank. No need to mention the 4.6-star rating Amazon.  

Take the bond with your cat to a new level. Right now, you can get the BasePouse Breed + Health DNA test – 12% less than the original MSRP, home-cat genetics test for $129.99.