Thrustmaster T818 SF1000 Will be Distributed to Retailers

Thrustmaster T818 SF1000 Will be Distributed to Retailers

Thrustmaster is the first major brand to sell its Direct Drive steering wheel base in rearview mirrors. As a result, it is probable that it will soon be available in locations other than the official store.

This means that prices will fluctuate according to supply and demand, with major decreases expected at key times. In general, this is fantastic news because this pack may be purchased on Amazon, with Amazon’s guarantees, on presale with an estimated delivery date of June 14.

Now, this bundle is being launched ahead of another impending launch, which will be the new replica steering wheel for the Ferrari 488 GT3, all while utilizing its collaboration with Ferrari to make a solid comeback to a market that had been placed on pause while its new base was being developed.

Thrustmaster T818 SF1000 will be distributed to retailers
Thrustmaster T818 SF1000 Will be Distributed to Retailers
  • Direct Drive technology: provides consistent torque of up to 10 Nm while avoiding saturation.
    Unfiltered power: game effects are displayed without filters, resulting in a highly detailed experience that is true to the game developer’s goals.
  • Esports-caliber Force Feedback: Smooth, and turbocharged feedback to relay every detail to the driver and aid in exceptional performance in competitions.
  • Ferrari SF1000 Edition Formula Wheel Add-On wheel rim: The wheel from the single-seater race car is a 1:1 scale replica, and the 4.3-inch / 109-mm LCD can display up to 69 bits of information.
  • Quick Release wheel attachment mechanism of the future: It only takes 5 seconds to swap out Thrustmaster wheel rims with the Quick Release Adapter or next-generation Thrustmaster wheel rims.
  • Compatibility in the past and in the future: Compatible with all Thrustmaster wheel rims, pedal sets, and other add-on devices, as well as future Thrustmaster racing ecosystem goods
  • LEDs that change color: On the front of the wheelbase, there is a programmable hexagonal ring of RGB LEDs that is ready to interact with game telemetry data.
  • Ferrari-licensed product with red metal plates and the Scuderia Ferrari insignia.
  • Included mounting device for desk or table (from 0.6 inch / 1.5 cm to 1.6 inch / 4.1 cm thick); also compatible with cockpits.
  • PC (Windows 10/11) compatible

For 1099 euros, the package includes the steering wheel, desk mounts, and Ferrari customization. If we bought everything separately from the official store, it would cost us 1050-1099 euros without the Ferrari personalization, so we believe it would have been more appealing to keep the price at 999 euros, especially since it is only compatible with PC.

T818 Ferrari with SF1000 Steering Wheel is available on Amazon for 1099 euros.