Organizational Behavior

Types of Motivation

Types of motivation: Based on incentives motivation can be classified into two categories. There are:-

Financial motivation: Employee can be motivated financial by offering the following financial incentive:

  1. Fair wages.
  2. Bonus
  3. Financial security
  4. Advance
  5. Accommodation facility
  6. Transformation facility
  7. Education facility
  8. Training
  9. Rationing facility
  10. Increase salary
  11. Entertainment facility
  12. Reward

Non-financial motivation: Employees can be motivated without providing monitory facilities by offering following non-financial incentives:

  1. Fair working environment.
  2. Praise for outstanding performance
  3. Good relationship
  4. Fair treatment
  5. Goodwill of the organization
  6. Participation in decision making
  7. Enjoyable work
  8. Well management
  9. Participation in ownership
  10. Good communication