Participants in Capital Market

Participants in Capital Market

Participants in Capital Market

The term capital market refers to facilities and institutional arrangements through which long-term funds, both debt, and equity are raised and invested. It consists of a series of channels through which savings of the community are made available for industrial and commercial enterprises and for the public in general.

Participants of the capital market may be discussed in groups because of their similar activities. Groups or clusters of the participants are discussed below:

Loan Providers: These types of organizations provide loans to my capital market. Others can take the loan from the loan providers such as savings organizations, insurance organizations etc.

Loan takers: A huge number of organizations want to take a loan from the capital market. Among them, the following are prominent as Govt. organizations, Corporate bodies, Non-profit organizations, Small business, and Local authorities.

Financial intermediaries: Financial intermediaries are media between loan providers and takers. The financial intermediaries are Insurance organizations, Pension funds, Commercial banks, financing companies, Savings organizations, Dealers, Brokers, Jobbers, Non-profit organizations etc.

Service organizations: Service organizations help to run capital market perfectly. These firms, on one hand, help issuers or underwriters to sell their instruments with high value and in other hand help sellers and buyers to transact easily. These are mainly service organization – invests banks, Brokers, Dealers, Jobbers, Security Exchange Commission, Rating service, Underwriters etc.

Regulatory organizations: Regulatory organizations are mainly govt. the authority that monitors and controls this market. It secures both the investors and corporations. It strongly protects forgery in stock market Regulatory organization controls the margin also. The Central bank, on behalf of govt. generally controls the financial activities in a country.

With the above-mentioned participants are involved with the capital market among transactions in this market are done and regulated.