We’re talking startup sales with Zoom CRO Ryan Azus at TechCrunch Early Stage

We’re talking startup sales with Zoom CRO Ryan Azus at TechCrunch Early Stage

TechCrunch is thrilled to announce that Zoom Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) Ryan Azus is joining us on April 1 in the early stages of TechCrunch. Azus has worked for Cisco, RingCentral and most recently zoom. In his previous role, he held several sales titles, including his final role in RingCentral, where he was executive vice president of global sales and services.

From the enterprise software success story during the COVID-19 epidemic to the customer event, Zoom needs little introduction, at which point companies, groups, individuals and families lean on video chat providers to communicate.

Since mid-2019, Azus has been at the top of Zoom’s Money Engine, which means it has been at the top of all time the most impressive period of sales growth at any software company. Therefore, we are glad he is on the TC Early Stage this year, where we will pepper him with questions. Bring your own must, as we will save about half of our time for audience questioning.

We’re talking startup sales with Zoom CRO Ryan Azus at TechCrunch Early Stage

But we want to talk to TechCrunch crews about a lot of issues, including the importance of down-up sales during epidemics, especially in contrast to the many traditional theatrical sales bullpen models that many startups have historically used; How to balance self-service sales and human-driven sales in a technology company that offers customers both options. IN ADDITION, their relative strength in 2021; Changes in Zoom sales incentive metrics over time that startups may be able to learn from; and how to maintain discipline and culture in fast scaling, remote sales organization.

We also wondered how Zoom was able to adapt to the epidemic, such as remote work and how long it took the company to reach full-strength from a sales perspective as customers also moved out of the office. The simple answer is that his company only used its own products but there more to the story that we want to hear.

Often at TechCrunch events, we create a cadre of executives from well-known technology companies and then hammer for their news. The start-up stage is a bit different, instead focusing on the knowledge, tips and start-ups focusing on what-to-avoid-problems from technicians interested in helping more quickly, more. 

Azus will not come alone. The rest of Moore from Kleiner will be at home, along with Neil Sales-Griffin (Managing Director of Techstars) and Eghosa Omoigui (Managing General Partner of EcoVici Partners). The list goes on as you can see here. (We also have a very large pitch off, so make sure on both days of the event).