What is Plant Nutrition?

Green plants manufacture carbohydrate foods by the process of Photosynthesis. These foods again break down to water, CO2 and energy. That energy is used in plants growth and other process. But only Carbohydrate is not sufficient for healthy growth, physical development and regenerations of the plant body.

Beside these, for normal completion of other physiological functions plant absorb different kinds of inorganic minerals from nature. The process of absorption of necessary minerals for healthy growth of the body; physical development and regeneration is called Nutrition or mineral plant nutrition.


Plant Nutrition and its Components:

Several nutritionists proved that, there are 16 inorganic elements necessary for normal growth and development of the plant. They are so important that they are called essential elements. Their characteristics are as follows:

  • They are essential for normal development and reproduction or the plant.
  • For shortage of any one of them, deficiency symptoms show in the plant body.
  • Function of one element cannot be done by another one.

Mineral nutrients are divided into two groups, depending on how much of it is required for normal growth and physical development.