A paramedic jet suit is trialed by a test pilot for mountain rescue

A paramedic jet suit is trialed by a test pilot for mountain rescue

The paramedic jet suit, manufactured by Gravity Industries, has been tested in aircraft for use in emergency response in the Lake District of the United Kingdom. In a scene reminiscent of a James Bond movie, experimental pilot and suit inventor Richard Browning flew a few meters above rough terrain with small jets
in his arm and back on a recent test flight.

The suite, which has been in development since 2016, uses five thrusters to drive a person at a top speed of 120 minutes per hour for 10 minutes, can operate at altitudes up to 12,000 feet, and can run on jet A1 fuel or diesel. The technology, developed by UK-based Gravity Industries, drastically reduces response times in rough regions to potentially save lives.

It takes about 25 minutes to reach the foot of the simulated casual site. The gravity jet suite was able to cover the same distance in 90 seconds. The suite has a record top speed of 51 km / h and a maximum altitude of 3,658 m The Lake District of northern England is a place that is popular with novice hikers, despite the harsh terrain and rapidly changing climate. According to the Lake District Search and Mountain Rescue Association, the number of people who need an emergency response in 2019 is 584.

Andy Mason, director of operations and paramedics at GNAAS, identified the lake district as the UK’s most popular shaking site as a potential location for jet suite paramedics after studying Gravity Industries jet suits and the charity’s own call-out Information. “It showed dozens of patients each month in the complex but relatively small geographical range of lakes,” said Mawson. “We can see the need. What we didn’t know for sure was how it would work in reality. Well, we’ve seen it now and it’s pretty honest, great.

With the completion of the test, GNAAS and Gravity Industries are now exploring the next steps in this collaboration. This includes designing a flight training system to work on jet suite paramedics and flight funding and logistics. GNASS said that
it is too early to set a date for this to take effect. The lawsuit was filed under the Civil Aviation Authority of the United Kingdom, so
it does not require a formal license to fly. The Daedalus Jet Suite has been available for purchase since July 2018 but has yet to find an app for enthusiasts and outside the air show. Gravity Industries has also previously discussed urging spectators to keep jet suit races as a sport.