Auxiliary tasks of Human Resource Manager in a Multinational Organization

Auxiliary tasks of Human Resource Manager in a Multinational Organization

Auxiliary tasks of Human Resource Manager in a Multinational Organization:

Human Resource Management is the set of activities reaching to procuring, developing, maintaining, and utilizing a group of people for the proper functioning of organization activities and achieving goals. A human resource manager is a person who deals with employees staffing, recruitment, selection, interview, promotion, demotion, discharge so on. The auxiliary tasks of a human resource manager in a multinational organization are written below:

Formulation of human resource policies: Human resource manager should plan for appropriate human resource policy in the organization and try to formulate it.

Procurement and selection of efficient employees: Another most important function is to procure efficient employees from the different sources. Not only that, selection of human resources is also important function lift manager.

Guidance and placement: Proper guidance and placement can encourage human resources to perform their assignments.

Training and development: HR manager of a multinational organization also introduce training and development program to the employees of the organization.

Maintenance of working environment: Maintenance of working environment is the auxiliary tasks of an HR manager. Like increased productivity, increased positive attitude towards the employees.

Job analysis: Job analysis is a technical procedure used to define the duties, responsibilities performed by a human resource manager.

Remuneration: Workers come to work in the organization forgetting remuneration. Without it, a human cannot work. This function is performed by HR manager.

Workers participation: HR manager ensures workers participation within the organization.

Maintaining discipline: Human resource managers should take proper disciplinary actions when indiscipline arises.

Labor management relations: Human resource manager built a strong relationship between subordinates and supervisors.