Benefits of Joint Venture

Benefits of Joint Venture

Benefits of Joint Venture

Business can achieve unexpected gains through joint ventures with a partner. Joint ventures can prove to be extremely beneficial for both parties involved. One party may have strong potential for growth and innovative ideas, but is still likely to benefit from entering into a joint venture because it enhances its capacity, resources and technical expertise. The major benefits of joint ventures are as follows:

(i) Increased resources and capacity: Joining hands with another or teaming up adds to existing resources and capacity enabling the joint venture company to grow and expand more quickly and efficiently.

 (ii) Access to new markets and distribution networks: When a business enters into a joint venture with a partner from another country, it opens up a vast growing market. For example, when foreign companies form joint venture companies in India they gain access to the vast Indian market. Their products which have reached saturation point in their home markets can be easily sold in new markets.

(iii) Access to technology: Technology is a major factor for most businesses to enter into joint ventures. Advanced techniques of production leading to superior quality products saves a lot of time, energy and investment as they do not have to develop their own technology.

(iv) Innovation: The markets are increasingly becoming more demanding in terms of new and innovative products. Joint ventures allow business to come up with something new and creative for the same market. Specially foreign partners can come up with innovative products because of new ideas and technology.

(v) Low cost of production: When international corporations invest in India, they benefit immensely due to the lower cost of production. They are able to get quality products for their global requirements. India is becoming an important global source and extremely competitive in many products.