Classification of Carbohydrate

Classification of carbohydrate: Carbohydrate can be divided into three main divisions:

1. Monosaccharide: Monosaccharide is that carbohydrate which cannot be broken down into simple carbohydrate by hydrolysis.


(i) Triose; example: Glycerin, Di-hydroxy acetone etc

(ii) Tetrose; e.g.- Oxaloacetic acid

(iii) Pentose- e.g.- Ribulose-5 phosphate, Ribose etc.

(iv) Hexose- e.g.- Glucose, Fructose etc.

2. Oligosaccharide: Oligosaccharide is that carbohydrate which can be broken down into more than one simple carbohydrate usually two to six by hydrolysis.

(i) Disaccharide- The carbohydrate which is made of two monosaccharide is said to be disaccharide.


(ii) Trisaccharide: Trisaccharide consists of three Monosaccharide.


3. Polysaccharide: The carbohydrate having higher molecular weight, which can be broken down into many monosaccharide by hydrolysis is said to be the polysaccharide.


(i) Starch

(ii) Cellulose

(iii) Glycogen

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