Define and Describe on Cell Vacuole

Define and Describe on Cell Vacuole

The vacuum part found within the cytoplasm is called cell vacuole.


(i) In immature cells, vacuoles are numerous and minute, but in matured cells, all the minute vacuoles combinedly form a single and large vacuole.

(ii) The thin layer, made of protoplasm that covers the vacuole is called tonoplast.

(iii) The fluid, which is present within the vacuole is known ad cell sap.

(iv) Cell sap includes water, different inorganic salts, organic acids, carbohydrate, protein compounds and different colours.



(i) To contain cell sap.

(ii) To regulate turgidity of cell.

(iii) To store essential substances.

Carbohydrates, proteins, lipids which are stored within the cytoplasm are known as reserve food. Cell Vacuole are not the food of plants but by any means directly or indirectly, help the plants, such as- serious enzymes, pigments, huney, sweet juice are considered as secretory products.