Functions of Lipid

Functions of lipid:

Fats and oils (Triglyceroids):

  1. Fats and oils are stored in plant bodies as reserve foods
  2. They are received as food in oilseeds (Mustard, Soybean etc.) during germination.
  3. More ATP is produced during the reduction of fats and oils.


  1. Phospholipids are used as the different membrane building materials (such as- Mitochondria, chloroplast etc.) of plant cells.
  2. They regulate the permeability and conduction process of cells.
  3. They help in blood clotting.

Glycolipid: They play an important role in the photosynthesis of plants

Terpenoid lipids:

  1. Terpentine is used in varnish works
  2. They are used in manufacturing tyres for vehicles


Wax lipid creates a layer (cuticle) around the epidermis of sterns and leaves and resists the excessive and transpiration.