Communication Method for Successful Manager

Communication Method for Successful Manager

Communication plays vital role in the success of a manager. Effective Communications is a significant skill for both personal and professional effectiveness. How much professional knowledge and aptitude a manager possesses becomes irrelevant if he is not able to communicate efficiently with his subordinates and create understanding in them.  Directing abilities of a manager generally depend upon his communication skills. That is why organization always emphasizes on improving communication skills of managers as well as employees.

Communication is defined in different ways. Generally, it is understood as a process of exchange of  ideas,  views,  facts,  feelings  etc., between  or  among  people  to  create common understanding.

Vital Areas of Communication in Management

  • Relationship Building: Relationship building is an important discipline to master. It helps a manager ascertain trust and camaraderie with his/her employees.
  • Employee Engagement: One feature of the manager-employee affiliation has to do with including employees in on project management and development– allowing them to give their contribution.
  • Employee Recognition: Every manager should learn how to correctly recognize employees in the workplace.