Diagnosis of Disease by X-Ray

X-ray is used for various purposes It has tremendous contributions to diagnose diseases in medical science.

  1. Displaced bones, cracks in bone, bone fracture etc. can be identified very easily with the help of X-ray.
  2. X-ray can be used to diagnose any type of disease in face, for example- to identify ulcer and decay at the root of tooth X-ray is used.
  3. Intestinal obstruction can be identified by X-ray of abdomen.
  4. The stones present in the gall bladder and kidneys can be identified by X-ray.
  5. The diseases of lungs like pneumonia; lung cancer etc. can be traced by X-ray of chest.


  1. X-ray is also used for treatment purpose. It can kill cancer cells. Cancer can be treated using radiotherapy. Necessary precautions should be taken so that unnecessary exposure of X-ray radiation cannot harm the patient. For this, the patient should be covered with apron made of lead as much as possible. X-ray of abdomen and pelvic region of pregnant women should not be done except in case of emergency. Apron made of lead must be used for other X-ray tests.