Discuss the basic features of business

Characteristics or features of business are discussed in following points:-

  1. Exchange of goods and services: All business activities are directly or indirectly concerned with the exchange of goods or services for money or money’s worth.
  2. Deals in numerous transactions: In business, the exchange of goods and services is a regular feature. A businessman regularly deals in a number of transactions and not just one or two transactions,
  3. Profit is the main Objective: The business is carried on with the intention of earning a profit. The profit is a reward for the services of a businessman.
  4. Business skills for economic success: Anyone cannot run a business. To be a good businessman, one needs to have good business qualities and skills. A businessman needs experience and skill to run a business.
  5. Risks and Uncertainties: Business is subject to risks and uncertainties. Some risks, such as risks of loss due to fire and theft can be insured. There are also uncertainties, such as loss due to change in demand or fall in price cannot be insured and must be borne by the businessman.
  6. Buyer and Seller: Every business transaction has minimum two parties that are a buyer and a seller. Business is nothing but a contract or an agreement between buyer and seller.
  7. Connected with production: Business activity may be connected with production of goods or services. In this case, it is called as industrial activity. The industry may be primary or secondary.
  8. Marketing and Distribution of goods: Business activity may be concerned with marketing or distribution of goods in which case it is called as commercial activity.
  9. Deals in goods and services: In business there has to be dealings in goods and service. Goods may be divided into following two categories:-
  • Consumer goods: Goods which are used by final consumer for consumption are called consumer goods e.g. T.V., Soaps, etc.
  • Producer goods: Goods used by producer for further production are called producers goods g. Machinery, equipments, etc. Services are intangible but can be exchanged for value like providing transport, warehousing and insurance services, etc.
  1. To Satisfy human wants: The businessman also desires to satisfy human wants through conduct of business. By producing and supplying various commodities, businessmen try to promote consumer’s satisfaction.
  2. Social obligations: Modern business is service oriented. Modern businessmen are conscious of their social responsibility. Today’s business is service-oriented rather than profit-oriented.