Elon Musk, Now On Twitter’s Board, Teases Idea of Edit Button and Significant Improvements

Elon Musk, Now On Twitter’s Board, Teases Idea of Edit Button and Significant Improvements

Elon Musk has unexpectedly gained even more clout on Twitter, his preferred medium for connecting with the general public. Yesterday, it was disclosed that the multi-billionaire had become Twitter’s largest shareholder, and today, it was revealed that he had joined the company’s Board of Directors. In a post on Tuesday, Twitter’s relatively new CEO, Parag Agrawal, stated, “Through talks with Elon in recent weeks, it became evident to us that he would add enormous value to our Board.”

Stocks soared as a result of the action, which sparked debate among Twitter users over whether Musk is interested in bringing a “edit” button to the site. Agrawal, the world’s wealthiest person, had tweeted a poll asking “Do you want an edit button?” with the alternatives “yse” and “on” a few hours before his declaration. Millions of individuals answered within hours after the poll was posted, with over 70% choosing “yse.”

Many people believe the poll is a prank because Musk is known for his trolling sense of humor and sarcasm on Twitter. He did, however, appear to engage in genuine discussion with his audience. Musk said, “That seems logical,” when someone proposed that an edit button could work if it was only available for a few minutes after posting. 

According to Agrawal, who cited Musk’s survey, “The results of this poll will have far-reaching implications. Please vote with care.” It’s uncertain if he was being serious or sarcastic once more. The official Twitter account merely stated: “We are working on an edit button” on April fool’s Day 2022, implying that the concept isn’t being taken seriously. For the uninitiated, the edit button is a regular target of jokes and heated controversy on Twitter. While the immutable quality of tweets has been a unique selling point for the site, many users have requested an edit option to correct embarrassing errors. Anyone for Covfefe? 

Opponents of the edit button, on the other hand, claim that it may be used to deceive and mislead. Someone may, for example, become viral for a harmless joke, then alter the Tweet to include malevolent material or blatant self-promotion. Who knows what the Twitter execs have planned, but Musk did say that he’s looking forward to “major upgrades to twitter in the next months!” Only time will tell what these “substantial advances” are, according to him.