Functions of Blood of Toad

Functions of Blood of Toad:

  • Supply of essence of food and water: Plasma supplies the digested food materials and water to various parts of the body.
  • Supply of oxygen: Blood supplies oxygen to each of the living cell of the body.
  • Discharge of carbon-dioxide: Plasma collects carbon-dioxide from the cells and brings it to lungs and integument for removal.
  • ‘I’ransportation of hormone: Blood carries the hormone and supplies it to the places where necessary.
  • Discharge of waste substances: Collecting the nitrogenous waste substances produced in the body, the plasma assists in removing these outside the body.
  • Destruction of germs: The white blood corpuscles help the body to keep fit by destroying the germs if they enter the body.
  • Clotting of blood: If any part of the body is injured or if the blood vessel is ruptured, platelets stop the bleeding by clotting the blood.
  • Role of blood in metamorphosis: The white blood corpuscles of tadpole help in metamorphosis by eating cells of the tail by phagocytosis.