General Effects of Technology on Society as a whole

General Effects of Technology on Society as a whole

Some General Effects of Technology on Society as a whole

Society is a group of people formed as a detach organization and which has as a stated reason some generous or munificent reason either in regards to the community at-large or in regards to the general interests of the members, and which operates as almost as possible at cost. A technological change is an increase in the efficiency of a product or process that results in an increase in output, without an increase in input.

There are different types of effect of the technology that are given below:-

(a) Effects of technology are pervasive: When technology is applied by business or any other institution, its effects are frequently widespread. In a dynamic society, technology operates as a multiplier.

(b) Higher productivity: The modern technology uses in a business then the greater productivity but properly maintain product quality and better quantity.

(c) System complexity: Beater technology is used in business then the business can arise some complexity.

(d) Upgraded job skills: Job skills depend on the use of different types of technology in a business of factors.

(e) More scientific and professional workers: Better technology is operating in an organization than the organization as professionally trained and scientific.

(f) More emphasis on research and development: Technology can be advanced to research and development (R & D) in a business.

(g) Changes in management: Technology can help to change in managerial activities.

(h) The new expectation from customers: Technology can be created a new expectation from the customer’s in a business.

(i) Capital requirements: Technology effect can be a requirement of capital to invest in the business.

(j) Social cost: Technology is to be affected the increases of different types of social cost.