Important Tests Used for Selection of Employees

Important Tests Used for Selection of Employees

Important Tests Used for Selection of Employees:

Employment testing is the observe or process of administering written, oral, or other tests as a means of decisive the appropriateness or prestige of a job applicant. Here describe some important tests used for Selection of Employees:

(a) Intelligence Tests: This is one of the significant psychological tests used to determine the level of intelligence measure of an individual. It is a sign of a person’s learning ability or the ability to make decisions and judgments.

(b) Aptitude Test: It is a measure of individual’s potential for learning new skills. It indicates the person’s capacity to develop. Such tests are superior indices of a person’s future success score.

(c) Personality Tests: Personality tests provide clues to a person’s emotions, her reactions, maturity and value system etc. These tests probe the overall personality. Hence, these are difficult to design and implement.

(d) Trade Test: These tests measure the existing skills of the individual. They measure the level of knowledge and proficiency in the area of professions or technical training. The difference between aptitude test and trade test is that the former measures the potential to acquire skills and the later the actual skills possessed.

(e) Interest Tests: Every individual has fascination for some job than the other. Interest tests are used to know the pattern of interests or involvement of a person.